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25 Surprising Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar



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  1. Diabetes Prevention:

Multiple studies have shown a correlation between apple cider vinegar and lower blood sugar levels. In one study participants took two tablespoons of ACV before bed and saw their blood sugar 4 to 6 percent by the time they woke. The antiglycemic effect of the acid in apple cider vinegar is what helps with insulin sensitivity.

  1. Weight Loss:

Consuming apple cider vinegar can help you feel more full, which can help you eat less. A study has also shown acetic acid, found in ACV, to slow fat accumulation. If the flavor is too strong for you to sip on it’s own, try adding apple cider vinegar to juices, salad dressing, and even water to incorporate it into your diet.

  1. Lower Cholesterol:

In addition to lowered blood sugar and weight loss, a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed interesting findings regarding apple cider vinegar and cholesterol.  Lowered VLDL levels and lowered triglycerides were discovered in lab rats who were given apple cider vinegaralongside a high cholesterol diet. The rat who were not given ACV did not see the same drop in cholesterol.

……23. Sauces:

I use apple cider vinegar for my barbecue sauce and it’s perfect for that tangy but sweet flavor. Try it in your favorite marinades or mix it into condiments that are too thick.

  1. Soups:

Still need more ways to get apple cider vinegar into your diet? Try adding it to soups. It can add a bit of brightness and flavor. Don’t worry, it won’t end up tasting like vinegar.

  1. Salads:

I think this one goes without saying, but it certainly needed to make the list. I almost never buy salad dressings. Whisk together some apple cider vinegar and olive oil and your favorite additions (garlic, mustard, citrus, honey, etc) for a delicious drizzle over your organic greens. It’s even great in recipe’s like this Fiesta Coleslaw.


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