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I Thought Almond Milk Was Healthy For Us Till I Learned This

Why You Should Stop Drinking Almond Milk From The Store.

Nowadays, almond milk has been gaining a lot in popularity; people love it because they are great substitute of the traditional cow milk, especially for those looking for the diary free option.

The rising interest in this milk certainly derives from the tremendous benefits it provides to human health, compare to the regular milk. It is packed with vitamin E antioxidants and nutrients that help to keep the skin, heart and bones healthy. It is also great in managing weight as it contains fewer calories and sugar compare to cow milk. However, not every almond milk is good for your health, especially those store brands.

Due to profit motivation, most of the store brand almond milk, as they call it, is not the real one; it’s full of preservatives, additives, added vitamin, carrageenan (a thickening agent), water etc… and  just a few almonds. This mixture is completely damaging to your health and has been found to cause inflammation of the digestive tract. We totally recommend to stay away from those store brands.

Almonds are not that cheap; do you know how much almond will be needed to produce a gallon of milk? Certainly a lot, but how much does a gallon or a liter of almond milk cost in our stores? Not surprising they are not that expensive, since they are not fully produced with almonds and may content just about 1/10 of almonds.

It’s better to make your own almond milk at home if you want to benefit from the great nutrients it contains; it’s not that hard to make it. Take a look of the footage below.

Hope you enjoyed the video.

Check Out Healthy Food House to learn more about why you should stop drinking those store brands almond milk.

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