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She Began Eating This, Lost Over 200 Lbs And Achieved Her Weight Loss Goal

Discover What This British Girl Ate, That Literally Helped Her To Save Her Life And Achieve Her Weight Loss Goal.

If you’re struggling with weight loss and about to give up, we strongly advise you read this story before making any decision.

This is the story of a British girl called Emma Sealey, who completely changed her life and appearance after she decided to improve her lifestyle habits and restore her health.

After reading this story, you’ll be encouraged to continue with your weight loss journey. It’s still possible to reach that ideal weight or to wear that dress size. Don’t give up!

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….Emma was 35 and she weighted 181 kilograms/ 399 lbs, so due to her excessive weight, she was convinced that she would die before her 40th birthday. She could barely walk to her fiancés’ car, and even when she could reach the car, she could not put her seat belt on. She also added that whenever she stood on the weight scale she was disgusted with herself.

…..Before her weight loss regime, Emma usually skipped breakfast, and ate sausages, cheese and chips with onion for lunch, and chicken with curry and rice with bread in the evening. Her favorite snack was chocolate.

Nevertheless, her weight loss regime changed all these routines. For breakfast, she now had cereal with skim milk, for lunch she had tuna sandwich with black bread, while for dinner she usually had boiled fish and fresh vegetables. Instead of chocolate, she ate apples, pears, strawberries and oranges.

Except the proper nutrition, Emma began to train regularly with a personal trainer, and she went running and cycling when the weather was nice.

Emma gradually started to lose six kilograms a month. After two years, the results were simply unbelievable. Nowadays, she is a happy and confident person, proud of herself for being able to transform her body in a natural way. Above all, she eliminated all health risks and she enjoys her well- being.


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