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The Reason Why Eating Red Meat Causes Cancer

Scientists Discover The Real Cause Of Cancer In Red Meat.

Cancer, nobody likes hearing that word, especially when it’s time to hear a medical report from the doctor. However, it’s a word like all others, just that we have to be aware of what causes this dangerous disease and take precautions to avoid getting it.

Red meat has at some point be pointed as being one of the cause of cancer; but what in red meat is the real trigger factor, many cannot answer.

Below is an amazing article that reveals what really causes cancer in the red meat.

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…..There is a unique sugar with name Neu5Gc which is found in most mammals, but not in humans. This sugar triggers an immune response which causes inflammation. It can be found in red meats (pork and other livestock), cow’s milk and certain cheeses.

…..Human bodies are not able to produce Neu5Gc naturally. So, when it is absorbed into our tissues, it is seen as a foreign invader which leads to the activation of our immune system and resulting into inflammation.

In case the immune system is subject to this sugar type, the situation gets worse, for it will frequently lead to chronic inflammation. Cancer comes as a result of this inflammation, eventually. This means that those who consume red meat regularly will surely suffer a stronger reaction than those who ingest red meat only occasionally. This shows that by reducing red meat, the health will be boosted.

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