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This Can Help You End Your Infertility

Reverse Your Infertility With These Incredible Natural Remedies.

Infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant after a year of unprotected intercourse.  Infertility can be caused by many factors including uterine, cervical, hormonal, damage to fallopian tubes and unknown causes.

It can be really frustrating for a woman who desires to have a child, to not be able to have one. Depending on the cause of the infertility, infertility can be treated in different ways.

In this article we share some amazing natural remedies that will help you reverse your infertility.

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1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha, also called Indian ginseng, is very helpful for women having difficulty conceiving. This herb is effective in maintaining hormonal balance and promoting proper functioning of the reproductive organs. It also helps tone the uterus for those who have recurrent miscarriages.

Plus, this herb helps reduce your stress level.

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of ashwagandha powder in a glass of warm water.
  2. Drink it twice daily.

Note: Due to possible side effects, it is recommended to use this herb under medical supervision.

2. Pomegranate

Pomegranate also boosts fertility in women. It helps increase blood flow to the uterus and thickens the uterine lining to reduce the chance of miscarriage. Plus, it promotes healthy development of the fetus.

According to a 2015 study published in Pharmacognosy Magazine, pomegranate could be used as a supplement to enhance longevity, fertility and growth rate. However, the dose should be carefully adjusted to avoid adverse effects.

  • Mix equal amounts of finely powdered pomegranate seeds and bark and store it in an airtight jar. Take ½ teaspoon of this mixture with a glass of warm water twice daily for a few weeks.
  • You can also eat fresh pomegranate fruit and drink pomegranate juice.

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon can help with proper ovarian functioning and thus be effective in fighting infertility. It even helps in the treatment of PCOS, one of the main causes of infertility.

A 2007 study published in the Fertility and Sterility journal showed that cinnamon supplementation can help improve menstrual cyclicity in women with PCOS.

It is also used to treat problems such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids and amenorrhea (absence of menstrual periods) that can affect a woman’s fertility. Plus, cinnamon may help prevent yeast infections.

  • Add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a cup of hot water. Drink it once daily for a few months.
  • Also, include cinnamon in your diet by sprinkling cinnamon powder on your cereal, oatmeal, and yogurt.

Note: Do not consume more than 2 teaspoons of this spice per day.

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