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This Oil Is More Dangerous Than Sugar, Curiously, Many Of Us Are Using It

Soybean oil, one of the most dangerous oil for your health.

After being considered as a healthy food for a long time, soy has lately been in the middle of controversy. Some soy advocates classify this food among the superfood, good for the health; on the other side some nutritionists think that soy and all products derived from it can cause serious health damages and as consequence should be avoided. Why should we avoid consuming soy and all its derivatives?

Most of the processed food sold in US supermarket contain soy; and the most common form is soybean oil. Not only is this oil hydrogenated, but it’s not organically grown and the seed is genetically modified. Even if soybean oil was organically grown, it will still be bad for our health . Soy contains numerous problematic components such as goitrogens, Hemagglutinin, Phytic acid, Isoflavones. Goitrogens prevent the good functioning of thyroid by blocking the hormones and interfering the metabolism of iodine. Hemagglutinin promotes the clotting of red blood cells by causing them to clump together, as a result these cells are unable to properly absorb and distribute oxygen to the tissues.  All this negatively affects the human body causing diseases such cancer and Alzheimer on the long term.

Furthermore, people who regularly consume soy and its products have an elevated risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, early puberty in female and delayed physical maturation in male individuals, and it also triggers the generation of steroid hormones.

Therefore, the fact that parents are advised to give their infants soy, instead of breast milk is devastating.

Some people consider soybean oil as one of the worst of all genetically engineering oils.

Good alternative oils for cooking could be coconut oil, avocado oil and palm oil.

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