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Top Reasons You Should Never Ever Microwave Your Food


12 Reasons To Stop Microwave Your Food.

The modernization of our society has rendered life easier. A task that used to take hours to accomplish, today might take couple minutes due to the advancement of the technology. For example, it used to take hours to prepare a meal but today, we have precooked food that can be turned into a ready dish in just couple of minutes.

Thank the microwave, raw food can be ready in a quarter of hour. All this technology advancement is good as it makes us safe an enormous amount of time but, are we aware of the dangers that at which we are exposed?

Below are the top reasons why you should never ever microwave your food.

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….Research suggests that microwave ovens are extremely harmful to our health. Namely, they can increase both the number of cancerous cells in blood and the number of stomach and intestinal cancerous cells.

….Microwaves are a source of electromagnetic energy (a form of nonionizing radiation) electronically generated. The leaking radiation is a serious issue, and it is known to cause cataracts, birth defects, cancer and other serious illnesses. Consequently, the FDA set legal limits on the leakage permitted by every microwave manufacturer. However, the only way to completely eliminate the radiation dangers associated with microwaves is to completely avoid them.

…..There are no atoms, molecules or cells of any organic system able to withstand such a violent, destructive power for any extended period of time. Microwaves in fact denature many of the essential proteins in the food by making them indigestible.  Moreover, they have been linked to causing infertility in men.

….Dr. Lita Lee in her book Health Effects of Microwave Radiation — Microwave Ovens, and in the March and September 1991 issues of Earthletter, promoted that every microwave oven harms food, leaks electro-magnetic radiation and converts substances cooked in it to dangerous organ-toxic and carcinogenic products. According to Dr. Lee, changes are observed in the blood chemistries and the rates of certain diseases among consumers of microwaved foods.

Another study also discovered that microwaving vegetables destroys up to 97% of the nutritional content (vitamins and other plant-based nutrients that prevent disease, boost immune function and enhance health).

List of 12 Effects of Microwaves

Numerous studies have discovered the following harmful effects of the use of microwaves:

  • A degeneration and destabilization of the external energy activated potentials of food utilization within the processes of human metabolism;
  • A breakdown of the human “life-energy field” in those who were exposed to microwave ovens while in operation, with side-effects to the human energy field of increasingly longer duration;
  • Degeneration and circuit breakdowns of electrical nerve impulses within the junction potentials of the cerebrum [the front portion of the brain where thought and higher functions reside];
  • A long term cumulative loss of vital energies within humans, animals and plants that were located within a 500-meter radius of the operational equipment;
  • A degeneration and destabilization of internal cellular membrane potentials while transferring catabolic [metabolic breakdown] processes into the blood serum from the digestive process;
  • A degeneration of the cellular voltage parallels during the process of using the apparatus, especially in the blood and lymphatic areas;
  • A destabilization and interruption in the production of hormones and maintenance of hormonal balance in males and females;
  • Loss of balance and circuiting of the bioelectric strengths within the ascending reticular activating system (the system which controls the function of consciousness);
  • Markedly higher levels of brainwave disturbance in the alpha, theta, and delta wave signal patterns of persons exposed to microwave emission fields;
  • Due to brainwave disturbance, negative psychological effects were noted, including deceleration of intellective processes, loss of memory, loss of ability to concentrate, suppressed emotional threshold, and interruptive sleep episodes in a statistically higher percentage of individuals subjected to continual range emissive field effects of microwave apparatus, either in cooking apparatus or in transmission stations.
  • A degeneration and breakdown of nerve electrical circuits and loss of energy field symmetry in the neuroplexuses, that is, in the nerve centers, both in the front and the rear of the central and autonomic nervous systems;
  • Long lasting residual effects of magnetic “deposits” were located throughout the nervous system and lymphatic system;

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