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Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer You Should Take Seriously

Detecting These Signs Earlier Will Increase Your Chances Of Surviving Breast Cancer.

Breast cancer accounts among the most invasive cancer in female worldwide, claiming the life of about 40,000 people just in US.  Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women in the U.S., after skin cancer. It can occur in both men and women.

There are many possible causes of breast cancer, but the survival rates are great if the cancer is discovered at the earlier stage. This article exposes in details the early signs you should consider in order to increase your chances of surviving this deadly disease.

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1. Lump in the Breast or Armpit

Feeling a lump in your breast or armpit may be the first warning sign of breast cancer. Such lumps are often hard and painless, though some may be painful. A lump under the armpit may feel hard or thick and dense as compared with the armpit on the other side.

Do not panic when you notice a lump, as it is not always cancerous. A few common causes of breast lumps are hormonal changes in the body, a breast infection and fat necrosis (damaged tissue).

It is important to have your doctor check out any new or suspicious lumps on your breasts to determine the cause.

2. Red or Swollen Breasts

When breasts hurt, most women think it is due to premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and when breasts feel hot or appear red, they usually suspect an infection. Swollen breasts with soreness or redness might even be a sign of breast cancer.

A tumor located underneath a breast can push on tissues, making the breast swollen and sore. In some cases, the swelling is more prominent under the arm or under the collarbone.

If you have this symptom for more than a week, be sure to see a doctor.

3. Nipple Discharge

Discharge from your nipple without any squeezing or touching of the breast may make any women wonder. Other than breast milk, any kind of nipple discharge can be a warning sign of breast cancer.

When a tumor starts in the milk ducts just under or around the nipple, it may cause irritation and infection, leading to discharge.

If you notice any nipple discharge, particularly clear or bloody, get it checked by your doctor. Such discharge can also be due to an infection or other condition that needs treatment.

…..7. Itching on the Breasts

An unknown cause of itchiness around your breasts can also be a sign of breast cancer, but this is very rare. It may be a sign of a type of cancer called inflammatory breast cancer. Due to the tumor, the skin above the area can become red, inflamed, painful and itchy.

The itchiness is extreme and makes you feel like scratching the skin. No matter how much you scratch or apply ointments or lotion, nothing seems to relieve the itchiness.

If you have a patch of itchy skin or you are not able to reduce the itchiness of your breast, see your doctor right away.

8. Pain in the Upper Back, Shoulder and Neck

When a tumor spreads to the spine, it causes unexplained pain in the upper back, shoulder and neck. People often confuse such pain with sore muscles, a pulled tendon or ligament, or osteoarthritis of the spine. If the pain is due to cancer, it will not go away with stretching the muscles or changing positions.

If you are not able to reduce pain in your back, shoulder and neck through physical therapy, get it checked by your doctor.

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